Become A Truck Driver

One of the great aspects of becoming a truck driver is that you are a vital part of the American economy. It’s one of the large industries that cannot be completely automated yet, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to earn a career. At Chayka Truck Driving School we’ll teach you the skills you need to begin your career as a truck driver and help you prepare for the California DMV’s Commercial Driver’s License examination.

Career Benefits

  • Starting Pay Averaging Up To $50,000 Per Year – First year drivers average up to $50,000 their first year.* That means you can expect to make up to $900 weekly or $1800 bi-weekly as a Class A CDL Licensed Truck Driver!
  • Job Security – Truck driver jobs can’t be outsourced. Truck drivers are responsible for dispersing America’s goods and necessities across the states, and are needed throughout the nation. The ATA estimates a shortage of nearly 48,000 truck drivers, and the demand is expected to continue rising throughout the decade.
  • Medical, Dental and Life Insurance – Medical and dental insurance are common perks in the truck driving industry.
  • 401k Retirement Savings Plan – Earn money for retirement as you navigate the highway!
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Time – Professional truck drivers need vacation time to unwind from work and sick time to recover from illnesses.
  • Take your pet with you on the road! – If leaving your pet at home during runs isn’t an option, consider taking them on your trips! Certain carriers allow truck drivers to bring their pets as travel buddies.
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Student Feedback

“I decided to become a trucker last year but then I became a little hesitant when I learned that we were going to have to take a test. Test taking has never really been my thing and I always tried to avoid them while I was in school. But then when I was about to give up on my trucking career, a family friend told me about Chayka Trucking School. He said he used the same trucking school a few years back and assured me that I would do just fine as long as I stuck with goals. My friend was right because I got my Class A license and now I work with well reputable company that pays well.”

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